you've heard it all before.  get the right people on the bus.  people are your biggest investment.  cliched, well yes. but it's absolutely true. 

take everything you think you know about hr and throw it out the window.

let us show you how to build an organization from the ground up...the right way.  it's a customized approach to your leadership, vision (you have one, it just might be on a cocktail napkin), strategy and then put together a plan for short and long term growth goals.

it starts with culture.  what is culture, you ask?  to us, it's a narrative.  it's taken from all of the things that make your organization special, unique and successful to create the story that shares the life (past, present and future) of your company told in the language of your people.  this is currency, both for profits and for people.  a strong company culture drives revenue and talent.  

green door co: 

  • is a great resource for your people needs
  • helps you to create a sustainable and value-added culture
  • shows you how to hire and cultivate ambassadors for your organization
  • designs your employee performance plans
  • creates 360 degree performance reviews
  • provides applicant tracking systems
  • and a whole lot more...